Silicon Halton Marketing & Sales Peer2Peer

The Marketing & Sales Peer2Peer group provides an opportunity for marketing and sales strategy and skills development to get your company noticed and to grow and retain your customer base. Members share challenges related to the meeting’s topic and share their experiences and learn tips and techniques from seasoned professionals to take your business to the next level.

Upcoming Topics

Topic Short Description
Stop Selling and Do Something Valuable

Welcome and Introductions

Defining the role of marketing and sales, how they intersect, how to define a lead, how to begin building a strategy and plan with tangible, measurable goals.

Know Your Customer

Defining your target customer – who are they, where are they, how well do your know their persona, how are they best approached?

Social selling – strategies to attract your ICP, deposits and withdrawals to personalize and nurture a relationship.

Customer Journey Mapping A look at who /what is involved, velocity- how fast do they want to move through the process. Show how we can sync both processes and with more forward together to create a positive customer experience.How does your target market find you? What information to they need at which part of the buying cycle?  How can you advance the relationship through marketing activities?  How can you qualify for sales?  How is the account onboarded?  Retained? What is your sales process? 
Value Exchanges How can you best provide value to your target customer? How do you define what is valuable to your audience? How to use your network – and develop new networks – that will generate qualified leads. Email campaigns, cadences, personalized messages, Unique CTA’s and internal networks to support the sales process.
Digital Marketing & Sales Creating a Give/Get list, what do you need to give to your buyer to advance to the next stage in the process? Evaluating the physical signals from the buyers end to ensure the deal is actually moving vs. confirmation bias. Happy ears and tactics and platforms for marketing and sales, both automated and manual – choosing the best stack for your sales process and exploring options for all stages in customer development, including website, email and introduction to CRMs.
Pipeline Management Defining lead stages, developing processes to move prospects through qualification to pitch, from close to referral.
Creating Content for long-term results How to develop a content pillar and why it’s so important. How to pass the information onto sales?
Measurement & Accountability Setting and keeping quotas, measuring campaign effectiveness, etc.

Content Development

Storytelling – what’s your story? – what’s your customers story?  Creating content to support sales.
Sales Leadership & Team Building Creating a coaching culture to develop and support your team.  Onboarding new team members – what to look for, how to automate processes and reduce ramp time.
Time Management Focusing on the fewest things that make to most difference – time blocking techniques.


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