While undertaking research for a new client, I read my journal from the fall of 2017.   I’d recently left a corporate position and was active looking for a new outlet to share my professional value.  That’s when I started my journey as a business owner.  I believe every decision should be a conscious choice.  Our daily, character-driven investments are a key to creating a happy and productive life.  When we listen and follow our intuition, it is validated and rewarded.

A Family of Engineers

People say they come from families of teachers, physicians, mechanics or policemen.  I come from a family of engineers and was raised with this distinctive style of thinking and behaving.  Their respect for mathematics-based logic and their problem-solving approach to processing information.  The desire to create order out of chaos and make the world a better place.  Many of the nicest, smartest and funniest people I knew were engineers.  In searching for a community of high-quality peers, I had an intuition that it would likely have a high concentration of engineers. 

With that focus, I joined Silicon Halton and attended my first Internet of Things peer-to-peer group.  It had been a referral by a respected colleagued when I wasn’t interested in commuting into Toronto.  I remember asking about the culture and kind of people who were members.  He mentioned his positive association with a focus on grassroots tech entrepreneurship and small business.  In reflecting back on that time, I realize the importance of this decision.

IoT Peer2Peer

In the last three years, things have changed for better for me.  Then, my mom said, “Well, at least you’ll like your boss.  It’s so much more that.  Robert Kiyosaki says that the greatest gift of entrepreneurship is “You always choose who you want to work with.”  This is the real blessing for me.  Silicon Halton has proven to be a worthy investment.  It helped me in developing my identity as a business owner and building relationships with high-quality professionals.  In the beginning of 2019, I assumed the role of organizing the Silicon Halton IoT peer-to-peer group.

On Friday, November 6th, we presented our 33rd Peer2Peer.  It stands out as one the best sessions I’ve attended.  Even with Covid and the limitations of Zoom, it was a testament to the power of a good story.  Anthony Khoraych, CEO of Advanced Test and Automation and Professional Engineer shared his inspiring demonstration of values-based leadership and resiliency in becoming a stronger company by adapting to the changing economic environment.  ATA Inc. located in Milton, switched gears to manufacture and meet the emerging healthcare needs of the coronavirus pandemic by developing modules for the Winnipeg Ventilator, an NGen funded project. You can read the case study here.  

A Source of Value Creation

Anthony’s story served as a validation and a reward for following my intuition in the fall of 2017.  My company, Purposeful Selling, creates values-driven brand strategy for family-run businesses.  I make my living by telling stories that connect small business owners with their authentic value proposition.   Silicon Halton was there when I started writing my small business story and today it continues as a source of value creation.  Proving yet again, engineers are handy people to have around and still a reliable source of good stories.

The next Silicon Halton IoT P2P will be held on Friday, December 4, 2020 via Zoom at 9 am.

IoT Peer2Peer – December 2020 – ONLINE

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