The Software Peer2Peer is an opportunity for software developers who live and/or work in Halton Region to meet and discuss all aspects of software development.  Topics will include various programming languages and platforms, software architecture and design, dev ops / infrastructure concepts, and career development.

For more info: Contact a Software Peer2Peer organizer:  Dave Ashton  |  Linkedin or Chris Larson | LinkedIn

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List of Possible Future Topics:

Frameworks and Utilities

  • Web Development w/ Angular 2. Angular has gained large popularity for HTML5 application development; version 2.x brings significant changes to the framework.
  • ES6+ and Typescript. What’s new in JavaScript as a language? How does it help for UI development? How does TypeScript differ, and what advantages does it bring?
  • Web Development w/ Aurelia
  • Object Relational Mappers
  • The GO Programming Language

Software Engineering

  • Unit Testing and Test Driven Development. Discuss unit test coverage, incorporating TDD on new projects, and how to include unit tests on existing software.
  • Software Lifecycle: Waterfall and Agile. What are the benefits and issues using a traditional Waterfall approach to software development, and what are the differences when using an agile approach?
  • Software Architecture. Favourite design patterns for building software applications.
  • DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing.
  • The async/await Pattern
  • Managing Technical Debt

Career and Team Building

  • Interviewing for a Software Developer  Position.  As an interviewer, what are the things that you can do to find the right candidate for your software team?  As an interviewee, how can you find out if the company and position are the right fit?
  • Agile Methodologies for Software Development Teams.  Discuss agile approaches to software team organization, including Kanban and Scrum.

Technologies and Platforms

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development. There are several options available, including Xamarin using C# and Ionic using HTML5, JavaScript, and PhoneGap/Cordova.
  • Android Mobile Development. Discussion on how to get started with Native development on the Android platform.
  • iOS Mobile Development. Discussion on how to get started with Native development on Apple iOS devices.
    Xamarin App Development.
  • Raspberry PI Projects. What projects have you done with your Raspbeeri PI? What might you be able to do with a Raspberry PI, personally and/or professionally?
  • Cloud Deployments, AWS and Azure. Very high level discussion on AWS and Azure platforms, and Infrastructure as a Service vs Platform as a Service.
  • Game Development in Unity. Introduction to Unity, a popular engine for developing games across multiple platforms.
    Containerization. There are many techniques emerging for handling containerization, the most popular now being
  • Docker. There’s a compelling case for this, as it provides a much more efficient utilization model than provisioning dedicated VMs, and it helps to form well-defined boundaries for software components.
  • Functional Development w/ F#
  • Intro to Google Cloud Platform
  • NoSQL w/ MongoDB
  • Machine Learning in Azure
  • RESTful API Design
  • Authentication w/ OAuth

Vote for a topic of interest, it will help us plan for future meetups!

Feel free to suggest some options via the LinkedIn discussion group!

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