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Anyone can showcase a product or service, but at Silicon Halton we “wowcase” them!

What is wowcasing? First coined by myself at Meetup 32 on June 12, 20121, its meaning is to showcase cool companies, products, solutions, careers, or services to solicit that “wow!” response, that moment of realization that what you’re witnessing is completely unexpected and a welcomed surprise. It’s the moment, for example, when you toy with a new piece of technology/software and come to the realization of the huge potential it can make in the lives of others.

Wowcase informal, Wowcased, wowcasing,


  1. to exhibit or display a company, product, solution, job or service and receive an unsolicited enthusiastic “wow!” response
  2. to present in or as if in an demonstration wowcase: Silicon Halton Pitch Night wowcases new startup companies. 
  3. to show: The presenter wowcased the attendees with her new product. 
  4. to present as a special meetup, part of a meetup, or within a blog post (such as this): Silicon Halton will be wowcasing several companies at the next Pitch Night (and a future DemoNight and NewTech nights). 


Note 1: I claim the trademark!

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