The ‘Mentorship Clinic’ is a joint program between the Golden Horseshoe Venture Forum (GHVF) and Silicon Halton. The mentorship clinic will be open to all firms within Halton who are experiencing ‘pain’ in:

    • Technical Operations – new and better ways to adopt and use technology
    • Financial – growing revenue nationally or globally
    • Funding – raising venture capital via angels, VCs and banks
    • Sales  Management – pipeline development and sales conversion
    • Marketing – lead generation, network and market development, branding, content development and communications

Some potential “pain” scenarios can include:

    • Finding and retaining the right talent
    • Managing underperforming sales teams
    • Identifying qualified leads and building a stronger sales funnel
    • Improving customer engagement
    • Developing and managing channel partners
    • Controlling costs of running the business
    • Developing new markets or new business
    • Strategizing global competition and eroding profit margins

The firm can come to ‘the Mentorship Clinic’ and receive 1 hour of diagnosis and consultation free from local professionals.


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