Weekly? What was I thinking? =)

For those of you out there who know me I’m a big fan of experimentation and learning! This journal has, and continues to be, an experiment! I’ll continue to update the community through this journal series but the frequency is going to vary a bit…. well it already is. There will be some weeks when there’s not much to share as well. Ideally, at some point, I’d like to see this journal update penned by others who want to guest post on the SH site. If you’re interested contact me

Focus on Canadian Entrepreneurs and Local Ecosystems (continued)

Bluewater Wood Alliance (BWA) Cluster

On November 21st, I attended the Bluewater Wood Alliance’s quarterly networking event at the Ron Joyce Centre, which is home to the DeGroote School of Businesses MBA and Executive Education programs. It’s important for Silicon Halton members to be aware of organizations like BWA, a not-for-profit wood manufacturing cluster serving Southwestern Ontario, that facilitates the interests and needs of their members. They are integrally involved in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster initiative being managed by Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen). BWA will be helping their members – wood manufacturers – gain access to a portion of the $950M being allocated through Federal Government’s Supercluster Initiatives program. BWA represents an end customer market for Silicon Halton members who deliver technology services and solutions that will enable BWA members to adopt newer technologies to help them become more competitive and digitally transform. 

It’s very important that Halton Region stands apart and is recognized as fertile ground for cluster development programs and cooperative collaboration. A good example of this in action is the AMS Halton working group formed by the Milton Chamber of Commerce. This working group includes representatives from Silicon Halton, MTechHub, HalTech, bdc, Oakville and Burlington Chambers of Commerce, Milton Economic Development and more. Stay tuned for updates. 

The Entrepreneurial Life!

I really get a kick out of bumping into Silicon Halton members outside of “our orbit” of meetups and peer to peer sessions! I was playing a squash game at Glen Abbey Recreation Centre last weekend and sitting on the bench outside the court watching was SH member Brett Gillett! His comment to me “you look a lot more tired than the other guy”! He was right! The good news is I won the match. 

It turns out that his partner, Karen, was exhibiting in the craft fair at Glen Abbey. She offers really interesting art maker kits for kids and it was a great Christmas present for one of my niece’s little ones.

Now It’s Your Turn

These journal posts are done weekly (ish) and I report on the things I’ve been up to. I try to get out three to four times per week. If you’ve got something going on that you’d like me to participate let me know. Any key announcements you’d like for me share I can do so here as well, subject to space and time availability. Those members and their businesses that are giving first to the community take precedent along with strategic priorities and partner sponsors. 

What’s Next in Our Community?

Lot’s of stuff happening in our community and there are many places to refer to regularly. Places to check out are: our newsletter, events page and blog posts. And, remember to check out what our TU20 team is up to as well.  

Some key activities I’d like to high lite are below. 

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