Every month at our meetups, we have two Get To Know Your Members (#G2KYM) spots.

These 3-5 minute intros allow our members to share their story with us. An ideal #G2KYM intro includes:

  1. Your name, your role, and your company name (company not necessary if you are an independent)
  2. Your Product(s) and/or Service(s)
  3. Your target industry / clients
  4. Why do / should clients buy from you?
  5. What would you like from Silicon Halton’s members? / What can you give back?

We also require the following information on 3 slides

  1. Slide 1 – Company website or linkedin page screencapture or your photo
  2. Slide 2 – Your Products / Services
  3. Slide 3 – Contact details:  Website / Email / Twitter  / LinkedIn / Facebook

If you would like to introduce yourself or your Halton based hi tech company at a Silicon Halton meetup, please contact: Ben Baljet or Blake Mason at Ideaprairie by contacting them through ben@ideaprairie.com or blake@ideaprairie.com

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