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Build Your Career in Halton. Commute Less. Enjoy Life More. It’s likely dawned on you that commuting is a waste of time. Imagine the convenience of building your career close to home and the predictability of a short daily commute. Less commuting means more time for you. You deserve that. You’re in control. See jobs below or follow these tags on our twitter stream: #job #Halton #hitech

Lead Full-stack Senior Developer | Javascript & NodeJS

If your career goal is to build commercial applications from scratch vs maintaining pre-existing apps, then this role may be for you. Additionally, due to the nature of the business, you’re usually utilizing the latest tool sets and language versions keeping your...

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Halton Employers - Looking For Technology Talent?

Get started.  We provide recruitment services to technology companies to find the right technology staff. We specialize in complex assignments, roles requiring multiple technologies, skills and/or business vertical knowledge. We have software developers interview software developers. Contact rick@searchvelocity.ca to get started

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