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Build Your Career in Halton. Commute Less. Enjoy Life More. It’s likely dawned on you that commuting is a waste of time. Imagine the convenience of building your career close to home and the predictability of a short daily commute. Less commuting means more time for you. You deserve that. You’re in control. See jobs below or follow these tags on our twitter stream: #job #Halton #hitech

ReactJS + NodeJS Developers | REMOTE

If your career goal is to build commercial applications from scratch vs maintaining pre-existing apps, then this role may be for you. Additionally, due to the nature of the business, you’re often utilizing the latest tool sets and language versions. About the Job The...

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Technical Project Manager – Part Time

Initially Part-time, as Technical Project Manager will provide a broad range of experiences in the business, and experience to work on many different types of software projects in varying industries.

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Lead Full-stack Senior Developer | Javascript & NodeJS

If your career goal is to build commercial applications from scratch vs maintaining pre-existing apps, then this role may be for you. Additionally, due to the nature of the business, you’re usually utilizing the latest tool sets and language versions keeping your...

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Halton Employers - Looking For Technology Talent?

Get started.  We provide recruitment services to technology companies to find the right technology staff. We specialize in complex assignments, roles requiring multiple technologies, skills and/or business vertical knowledge. We have software developers interview software developers.

Contact rick@searchvelocity.ca to get started

Imagine finding the right candidate in your own backyard? 

There are 1000’s of job boards and ~dozen Tier-1 job boards. We’re not one of them.

Job searchers don’t want to browse through irrelevant job postings. We’re a niche job board focused on one segment: Halton hi tech companies and their hi tech roles.  Our target is to help you find the right resource your own backyard.

Today’s knowledge workers are increasingly selective about who they want to work with. You know that.  Our niche job board helps you identify the right candidates while also wowcasing you and exciting career opportunities here in Halton.   

The Silicon Halton Job Board allowed us to find the right candidate in Halton, a short commute to our Oakville office

Our Postings:

  • Allow you to include a Video profile of your company. A powerful tool in attracting talent.
  • May include any/all of the social media outlets of company, including your LinkedIn company profile. The candidate may already have a connection to your company. Include your company logo in all posts.
  • Are Tweeted from @SiliconHalton (3,000+ followers). Many followers will naturally retweet to further broaden the message.
  • Have a summary cross-posted to our Silicon Halton LinkedIn group (The number of members are displayed at the top of this page)
  • Postings typically receive 250-500 views and rank on the first page of Google search results.

By doing this we discovered that you will receive better and higher qualified candidates, spending more time speaking with the right candidates, vs. weeding out the wrong ones.

The job posting on Silicon Halton was mentioned as the source for several job applications.


  • $2.50 / day / posting for Silicon Halton company 
  • $3.50 / day / posting for non-Silicon Halton company 
  • $25.00 setup fee / posting
  • $25.00 fee to change job description after posting (each occurrence)
  • Invoices will list number of accumulated hits since go-live and are also available on the job posting. 


The Rules

  • Each Silicon Halton Employer’s job post is cross-posted to the private SiliconHalton LinkedIn Group, Jobs Discussion section.
  • Metadata will be created for each job posting (description and keywords) used by search engines. Employer can provide short description and keywords, or we will use relevant opening sentence of job description and up to 3 keywords from the job posting.
  • Each job given a unique ID number.
  • Each Silicon Halton Employer’s job post is published to our twitter feed.

There has to be rules. Here they are:

  1. “Silicon Halton Employers” are considered those who have a mailing address in Halton Region. Non-Silicon Halton (“SH”) companies are those who do not have a mailing address in Halton Region. If you are able to join the Silicon Halton LinkedIn group, we consider you a “Silicon Halton Employer.”
  2. “Silicon Halton Employers” are permitted to post for opportunities located outside of Halton Region
  3. Applicants are directed to an employer’s email address or website. Employer must provide means for applicant to submit resume. If not present, job posting returned to employer and not posted.
  4. Silicon Halton will not respond to any communications from candidates or any other inquires about the job posting. Silicon Halton will only communicate with the designated contact at the company – the person who posted/submitted the job.
  5. By default, opportunities are presented on the jobs page chronologically (by posting date).
  6. Each job is manually vetted to ensure it meets our rules.
  7. Job posting must state if role is full-time, part-time, contract or gig.
  8. To remove or modify a job, send email to rick@searchvelocity.ca
  9. Jobs are removed by “day+1” (business days) after being requested to do so. Billing ends on “business day” Silicon Halton is informed and client is billed for that “business day”.
  10. No refunds. No Guarantees. Your mileage may vary.
  11. Errors made by Silicon Halton to job posting are corrected at n/c, but assumes no responsibility.
  12. Silicon Halton bears no responsibility whatsoever for errors in posting.
  13. The job poster is sent URL after posting goes live for confirmation purposes.
  14. Net 30 – Posting not paid for within 30 days are immediately removed. Reposting is consider a net-new job posting.
  15. As an employer or third party acting on behalf of an employer, you understand and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your job advertisement complies with all applicable federal/provincial/territorial legislation including employment standards and human rights legislation;
  16. As an employer or a third party acting on behalf of an employer (i.e. placement agency), you understand and acknowledge that this is an Internet job advertisement service that is publicly accessible. As a result, and with the exception of the contact information on a job advertisement, you agree to not post any sensitive or personal information which could include but is not limited to: a person’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, place of work, age; or medical information.

By posting your job opening with Silicon Halton you accept these rules, rates, and offering.

Updated: April 10, 2018.

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