TechUnderTwenty is focused on improving youth participation in the business and technology industries.  Recently they held the TU20 Hired event from November 27-28, 2021, a two-day event with a panel of professional speakers and an interview day to allow student attendees to interview with 5 companies and receive direct feedback on their performance – as well as the chance to get hired for a software or business internship.

“It’s really important to give youth personal opportunities to get feedback on things like interviews and resumes – especially since most people are finding jobs when they’re young.” – Zahrah Ahmed, a lead for TU20 Hired and an events executive at TechUnderTwenty


Zahrah added “What TU20 Hired did was give youth feedback relevant to the technology and business industries and a chance to be hired through having them interview with several companies. Not many youth can get experience at a technology company, simply because they don’t have chances to get the experience – so TU20 Hired really was a game changer for a lot of attendees.”

TU20 Hired had speakers and interviewers from Amazon, Geotab, Mitra Biotechnologies, Canadian Gap Year, L3 Wescam, Silicon Halton, and more.

“TU20 Hired definitely helped me improve my job search skills. Being a high school student myself, I would’ve never gotten the chance to interview with big technology companies like Amazon and biotech companies, because I just didn’t have the experience.” one attendee stated, “My interviewers gave me really personal feedback on my performance that I would’ve never thought of otherwise. I’d go to TU20 Hired again.”


“Every industry is facing a labour supply shortage, which will only worsen over the next decade. Tech isn’t immune. If you want to attract the next generation to tech and inject a bright youthful exuberance into your company, find a way to engage with TU20.” said Rick Stomphorst, a speaker at TU20 Hired and co-founder of Silicon Halton.

About TechUnderTwenty

TechUnderTwenty, Silicon Halton’s Youth wing, is a student-led organization that dedicates itself to creating events and teaching students more about technology and business through its many initiatives like TU20 Hired, TU20 Ventures, TU20 Cup, and more. TU20 Hired was sponsored by Gatherly, a leading events platform that puts interaction first. Find out more about TechUnderTwenty on their Instagram, and website.

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