Meetup #10 - The Unmeetup

Unmeetup 10 was probably the most valuable social and professional development and networking meetup so far. This wasn't your father's service group meeting.

The Program

Meetup-10-un-schedule-200x300We didn't know what the presentations would be August 17, the attendees decided right there-and-then on-the-fly (full disclosure, two prezo's were predetermined, but as you'll see here, members still didn't have to attend them).

We designed the meetup, or rather unmeetup, to resemble, best we can in the time available, an unconference using the Open Space format. Hence, the name "unmeetup". Attendees were "unattendees" as they could unattend any session at any time. The purpose was to generate awareness of the unique format and momentum for the proposed Silicon Halton unconference.

Here's how it un-worked: We had two open 30min time slots to discuss any topic an attendee wanted covered around the theme "What will Halton ICT or Silicon Halton look like in 2020". Four people, in addition to two with the pre-canned topics, stoodup to give lightening presentations (3min max - no rambling on) on why they want their particular topic covered.  meetup-10-topics-200x300Rick and Chris were given a significant hand by Jason Little and Cameron Smith.  During the unmeetup, Jason walked us through guidelines of the unevent (he really knows his stuff) and both Cameron and  Jason helped greatly in putting the unmeetup together. The unattendees then voted on the 2 topics that interested them most.  Networking time was bundled in to the voting process.  The top 2 topics then became 30 minute sessions. If an attendee ending up not liking the session they voted for, they were expected to vote again with their feet by moving to the other session (then moving back if they so wished).  With an objective of keeping the converstation alive, each of the topic (below) presenters/facilitators have separately blogged about their session and have or will create a discussion thread on the Silicon Halton LinkedIn group.  Jump in and join the continuing conversations. 

During the sessions, another session materialized and self formed, which is the power of the Open Space format. Jason Little led a discussion on Setting Goals and Vision with the Rockefeller Habits Framework.  You can find Jason's blog post here.

Recap Pictures

Our 10th meetup, the unmeetup was held in Milton at the historic Hugh Foster Hall. Thanks to Robert of the Millton Economic Development group for supporting Silicon Halton and arranging the facilities. Following the un-formal portion of the unmeetup, we adjourded to Ned Devines. Thank again to Ryan Gamble for snapping this professional photos. Enjoy the photo slideshow below.

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