Meetup #75 - Augmented Reality, A Primer

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm | Milton Education Village  |  Milton


Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality … What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot of hype and buzz when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) especially when Facebook bought Oculus for $2B. Digi-Capital projects the VR market to be worth $30B (source) in 2020. So, maybe, Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t so crazy shelling out billions!

But, what about Augmented Reality (AR)? Is there a market opportunity there as well? What is Augmented Reality and how is it different from Virtual Reality? More importantly are there any local entrepreneurs, developers and professionals working in the Augmented Reality field? The answer to each of these questions are YES!

Eventbrite - Meetup #75: Augmented Reality.  A Primer.


Learn About the AR Market and Meet Local AR Experts

In this meetup you’ll learn about the AR market opportunity (hint: it’s bigger than VR), the industries that are adopting it and specific applications of AR today and potentially in the future.

You’ll also meet two local leaders in the AR field who will share their experiences, knowledge and point of view about the AR industry and where it’s heading. They’ll also cover and demonstrate some of the cool products and projects they’re working on today.


Chris Herbert Avatar 150x150Chris Herbert

Chris is the cofounder of Silicon Halton and founder and CMO of Mi6 Agency. Mi6 Agency is a B2B technology marketing and customer development firm located in Oakville.

In his presentation he will give an overview of the AR market opportunity and provide some examples where AR is gaining market traction.

zimmerBen Zimmer

Ben is the CEO of Enable Education. Ben’s company defines, develops and delivers innovative courseware resources for 21st Century learning. Their talented team includes educators, web and app developers, programmers, audio/visual producers, graphic designers, and technical writers. Theyproduce teaching and learning technology and resources ranging from print materials, to mobile apps, to augmented reality programs, intended to reach learners from preschool to industry professionals.

In his presentation Ben will talk about the present state and future impact of AR in the education space - both for students in K-12 and College/University, as well as professional training. Using a couple real-world examples, Ben will show how AR can be transformative in engaging, as well as meeting the varied needs of all kinds of learners.

Ben will demonstrate a web-based Augmented Reality Management System (ARMS) which makes it easy for companies of all sized as well as authors to benefit from AR.

leeDerek Lee

Derek is the cofounder of Solace Media Group Limited, a consortium of high end boutique digital media Studios located in Asia. Solice Media Group is building a strategic partnership in a collaborated effort to provide clients with innovated media content, that would allow them stand out in a globally competitive ecosystem. Their regional partners specialize from pre- visualization, animation production, app development as well as work with various innovative and dynamic media contents.

In his presentation Derek will talk about the present state of AR as a marketing tool for businesses and consumers. Using real-world examples, Derek will show how AR can be an engaging marketing tool while providing analytics for business to understand their customer behaviours.

Derek will be showing a sneak preview of a cost effective AR solution that allows businesses with various budgets to display dynamic content to their customers


Each presenter will have 15 minutes of presentation time and then will join in on a 15 minute panel discussion. Audience participation is welcomed and encouraged through the presentations and panel discussion! 

Eventbrite - Meetup #75: Augmented Reality.  A Primer.


Join in the Conversation

jointhediscussionSilicon Halton members can discuss this event before and afterwards in our LinkedIn group here. Ask questions in advance so they can be covered at the meetup. Follow up with your thoughts, ideas and questions afterwards too!


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