Meetup #62: Networking Unmeetup


Tuesday - December 9, 2014, Burlington HiVE, Burlington - 7:00 pm

Join us on Tuesday, December 9 - 7:00 pm in Burlington as we celebrate the end of another great year for Silicon Halton. For this meetup we thought we'd reflect on how the year went (good, bad and ugly) for Silicon Halton and look towards to 2015 and beyond.  Nothing too serious though.... this is more of a social get together first to enjoy each other's company, combined with a little reflection and casual brainstorming.  

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What value do you get from Silicon Halton?

Tell us more about the value you've discovered at Silicon Halton in this discussion thread (members). Sampling of the quotes received so far:

  • I've learned some very important things that i can apply to my start up and have met some wonderful people that are absolutely invaluable
  • SH has pushed me to Tighten up my Offering Sheet...what is it we do well and different 
  • I continue to learn more about who is in Halton (people and companies) - I think this is very important as we try to grow our companies through innovation and ourselves professionally.
  • When I was between jobs it was a lifeline - not just for networking and job hunting...(and found my next job via Silicon Halton)
  • (I joined) not knowing ANYONE in Halton... I look forward to being a part of the (community)
  • Impressed by the way the meetups are managed...simply professional but very friendly at the same time, and of course very instructive topics and discussions
  • Living in Oakville since 1997, I was fairly isolated from the happenings in the technology in Halton until I got acquainted with Silicon Halton.

Look forward to everyone joining us, and wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season!

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Speed Networking

We're running the ever popular Speed Networking, where everyone has 3 minutes to exchange short introductions and make new connections, then rotate to the next introduction. 

Tips from the community about effective networking:

  • "Get out there"
  • Choose the right events or groups. If you're in tech, then Silicon Halton is the perfect group
  • Identify "why" you're there, your goals, but be casual, no hard selling
  • Focus on the other's needs first. Example, provide advice
  • Communicate what you do - keep it brief and succinct. Practice saying it out loud in the car on the way
  • Bring business cards
  • Provide immediate feedback - if after the introduction you feel there is value in connecting, send the other person an email / LinkedIn request the following day.  


G2KYM - Get To Know Your Members

We're looking for two Silicon Halton members to give 5 minute intros of themselves, their companies, and / or their products. Learn more here. If that is you, please contact Kimberly Neal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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