Meetup #57 - Website Accessibility & AODA


Was July 8, 2014 | The Marquee @ Sheridan College, Oakville

Hear Andrea Dubravsky of ADWebcom talk about website accessibility. The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA) requires that companies and nonprofits with 50+ employees comply with accessibility standards. Perhaps these rules don’t apply to your firm, but there are solid business reasons why it is a good idea for your firm to have an “accessible” website.

The Benefits Of Website Accessibility

1. Increased market share

People with disabilities represent 10% of the world population (1.5 million people in Ontario alone), and that's not counting seniors who have great buying power, and people who have some sort of cognitive problem.

2. Findability and SEO

Website accessibility principles overlap those of search engine optimization. The features that make a site more accessible, such as alt tags and transcriptions of audio content, also help improve visibility to search engines.

3. Better public image

People like the idea of working with a company that has a positive social image. Being accessible – not just a workplace that is barrier-free, but a website that is easy for anyone to use – sends a positive message to potential clients and employees.

For Businesses and Non Profits Alike

This presentation is intended for both businesses and nonprofits that care about accessibility. It covers mostly non-technical aspects of building an accessible website. You will leave with a clear understanding of the AODA requirements, the benefits that come with accessibility, and tips you can implement yourself. Some of the content includes:

    • who is accessibility for (not just the physically handicapped)
    • Web accessibility requirements and penalties
    • business case for Web accessibility
    • intuitive and accessible structure
    • writing for accessibility
    • how accessibility, good usability and SEO tie in
    • design elements to be aware of (font sizes, colours, links)

Slide Deck

About The Speaker:  Andrea Dubravsky

Andrea D 100x138Andrea Dubravsky is a Web Strategist and President of ADWebcom. She helps companies determine how to set up their websites so they deliver sustainable results. A passionate advocate and speaker on the topic of Web accessibility, Andrea is known for her practical, common-sense approach, which eliminates costly expenses. [twitter] [google+]




About the Venue 

The Marquee

This month we're excited to be using The Marquee restaurant in Sheridan College. This venue is owned and operated by the Sheridan College Student Union, so we're happy to give back.  It's a little tricky to find on the campus, so here's a campus map, showing The Marquee in red. [Facebook]

Event Snapshot for Your Calendar

Topic: Website Accessibility
Target Audience: Technology entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, educators and students
Meetup Track: Business Optimization
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 @ 7pm
Location: The Marquee (Student Centre, licensed) at Sheridan College, Oakville. [map of campus]

Pre & Post-Event Q&A

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