Meetup #56 - Tech Under 20


June 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM -- Milton Education Village, Milton

The next generation of tech gurus is growing up in our backyards, skinning it's knees in local playgrounds and attending Halton high schools.

They interact with the globe over parent-financed broadband as they dream up ways to solve the world's problems, compete in mind-stretching, world-class technology competitions and learn more in an hour online that we were able to extract during years of searching through dusty library catacombs.

Halton teens are learning fast, stretching boundaries, and developing ideas into fledgling new businesses that will help create new opportunities in the region ... and keep more of our budding geniuses close to home.

Join us at Milton Education Village on June 10th for our first ever Tech Under 20 meetup and be dazzled by the brainpower and creativity evolving right here in Halton.

Plus, take part in the conversation after the presentations -- get involved and help Silicon Halton:

  1. Develop new ways to excite and engage young tech entrepreneurs.
  2. Mentor next generation creative thinkers, problem solvers and tech business leaders.
  3. Provide opportunities for Halton Techs Under 20 to gain real world experience with top-notch tech organizations close to home.

Tech Under 20 Presentation

all presenters decks have been included in this slideshow

Our "Tech Under 20" Presenters

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Jessy K. - Grade 12
The Business Specialist High Skills Major Program, Entrepreneurship & Technology

In her presentation, Jessy will talk about her experiences in numerous business-related opportunities that sparked her passion for entrepreneurship and technology, helped her develop many skills, as well as exposed her to the importance of networking and mentorship. She will be discussing:

  • The Business Specialist High Skills Major
  • Her involvement in local, provincial and international business competitions
  • The business idea & pitch
  • The Smart Tap business idea & pitch
  • Her future plans in technology and business
Mark S

Mark S.
Python's Pit 1st Place Project: Cyclo-Charger

The Cyclo-Charger is a product concept made especially for the off the gird mountain biker enthusiast. The Cyclo-Charger is currently being designed to be a rugged, robust, and reliable bicycle generator, used to charge one’s phone for emergency situations. The vision is to ultimately allow mountain bikers to fully focus on their passions with peace of mind, one pedal at a time.


Ella R. - Grade 11
Competitive Robotics & My Future in Engineering

Award winning programmer, Ella R. will discuss how her involvement in local and international VEX Robotics Competitions helped her decide to pursue a career in software and robotics engineering. She'll cover:

  • Learning to code
  • How the team-based VEX Robotics Competition works
  • Autonomous, build and driver-controlled challenges
  • The 15 local, regional and World Championship awards earned by the team during the 2013/14 competition season
  • Her goals & ambitions in software & robotics engineering
  • A demo of the award-winning robot

Mark S. - Grade 11
Specialist High Skills Major Focusing My Education on ICT

Mark will show us how high schools across the province are helping students to focus their curriculum to better understand the world of work and gain extra certifications. We will look at:

  • Sectors
  • Pathways
  • Classes
  • Certifications
  • Reach Ahead and Experiential Learning opportunities
  • Diploma
  • ICT highlights: CISCO certifications, FIT certification, Career Mash, Field trips and College/University presentations

Sam R. - Grade 12
Resume Goo: From Class Project to Online Business

Sam will discuss how his grade 12 class in Entrepreneurship helped him develop his award-winning skills and strong interest in technology, graphic design, animation and videography into a pitch video and new online business that will launch later this year. His presentation will include:

  • Learning about entrepreneurship
  • Developing the Resume Goo business idea & pitch
  • Testing the market
  • A brief walkthrough of Resume Goo user tools
  • Goals for Resume Goo
S Nuhn-thumb

Sandra Nuhn
Manager, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Halton Region

Sandra will highlight 2 young entrepreneur programs that the Halton Region Small Business Centre is delivering in the region.

  • Summer Company: Provides hands-one business training and mentorship, with awards of up to $3,000 to help enterprising students between the ages of 15 – 29 start and run their own summer business.
  • Starter Company: provides training, mentorship and the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $5,000  to youth between the ages of 18 – 29 to start, grow or buy a small business.

G2KYM - Get To Know Your Members

Vinutha Shanmukharadhya - Human Centered Design:

John Martin: Marketing Automation and Customer Insight:

Brett Gillette - Bees & Beekeeping & Technology:


About Milton Education Village

MEV 555 industrial smWe're most fortunate to be using the new Milton Education Village (MEV) Innovation Centre in Milton. MEV Innovation Centre is a place for the business community to meet and a space designed for new and existing business in a growth phase. Providing an ecosystem for technology intensive companies and business in the manufacturing and production industries, the innovation centre will provide access to entrepreneurs in four ways:

  1. Collaborative space
  2. Business services
  3. Accelerator/incubator programming
  4. Education and training

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We're proud that Milton Economic Development is pleased to sponsor this Silicon Halton meetup at the new MEV Innovation Centre.


Event Snapshot for Your Calendar

Topic: Tech Under 20
Target Audience: Technology entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, educators and students
Meetup Track: Networking
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 @ 7pm
Location: Milton Education Village Innovation Centre. 555 Industrial Drive, Milton. Google Map.

Pre & Post-Event Q&A

Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre-event conversation with the presenters in our private Linkedin group. Help them make this meetup relevant to you.


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