How Will Technology Disruption Impact Halton Businesses?


On April 24th, we'll be hosting the first of our Round Table Dinner Conversation Series with Silicon Halton members and special guests. This first one is an experiment to see if participants get value out of the conversation and overall experience with a test group of active Silicon Halton members.. The dinner is "sold out" so on all accounts things are looking positive. Future dinners will be announced publicly, so stay tned for future dinners.

Being held at Oakville’s Seasons Restaurant we'll focus on Tech Disruption/Disruptive Innovation with a bit of a twist. We're going to have a free wheeling discussion about it in the context of the risks and opportunities technology disruption represents to us here in Halton region. Things like:

  • What are the emerging trends most likely to be disruptive over the next five years?

  • What should we be tracking to make sure we catch disruption quickly when it touches our markets?

  • Where are we likely to find opportunities to disrupt?

  • What other ways are there to profit from disruption?

  • What do we need to do to watch out for the risks?

Reema Duggal and I will be hosting this particular dinner and Rick Wolfe from PostStone, a world class facilitator, will work his magic in making the conversation interesting.  As a backdrop for this conversation we have the following to draw from:

Gartner’s Hypecycle

Various technology analyst firms project where technology is heading, stalling, thriving and dying. The Hypecycle is what Gartner uses to educate us where they see key technologies from a market adoption and acceptance perspective. The graph below is Gartner’s Hypecycle for Emerging Technologies in 2013.

Hype Cycle, 2013.jpg

Deloitte’s TMT Predictions

Duncan Stuart has his finger on the pulse of trends in technology. His annual report is another interesting conversation starter on technology adoption, disruption and the future.

Forrester's Top 15 Emerging Technologies To Watch: Now To 2018

What’s interesting about this post is the question they asked when researching technology disruption and innovation. They asked 216 Enterprise Architects what technologies they thought would have the greatest impact on their business. Here’s how they answered:

Forrester survey, impact of tech 2013.jpg

Read more about the findings of Forrester’s Emerging Technologies survey and the interesting comments that asking about emerging technologies not mentioned including 3D printing and Internet of Things.

Want To Participate or Host A Future Dinner?

The tech community in Halton is very strong.  At Silicon Halton, we've just had our 1000th member sign up.  Our members are living locally and doing business globally.  Get to know them.  If you’re interested in participating or hosting, or sponsoring a dinner contact us.


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