Silicon Halton Workshop Day @ Burlington HiVE

March 26, 2014 | Burlington HiVE | Drop in anytime 8am - 6pm | Attend an afternoon workshop


Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Workshop Day @ Burlington HiVE

The March 26, 2014 Silicon Halton Day will include nine 45min workshops.  Workshops will run from 1pm until 4pm.  There are three tracks. The first trio of workshops begin at 1pm, then 2pm, with the last at 3pm, ending by 4pm.

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Richard Bolton 100x100Shifting Gears slide 1 133x10 Shifting Gears: Five Steps to Accelerate Business Success. This is a business growth workshop that focuses on helping businesses understand how to kick-start a growth phase. We believe that there are 5 steps to follow: Review, Vision, Strategy, Execute, and Success. In this workshop, insight, questioning strategies and guidelines will be provided on each step toward initiating an action plan for growing your business. Presenter: Richard Bolton, @centricity360 

Holly Simmons 100x100Relationship Selling - Slide 1 - 133x100Relationship Selling – Uncover Opportunities, Close Sales and Build Loyalty Selling for non-sales people can feel like an uncomfortable necessity to build business. It’s much easier, and often more comfortable, to plug into the digital world and connect with like-minded peers rather follow up with leads. But there is a way to embrace selling and to get good at it. Relationship selling applies to any sales technique that focuses on the interaction with the buyer rather than the price or features of the product or service. This approach allows you to be yourself and cultivate rapport instead of using hard selling tactics to close sales. The only requirements: You must be curious, enjoy solving problems, be consistent, and deliver what you promise. During this session we will dive into each building block of Relationship Selling so you can learn how to improve your selling techniques. Presenter: Holly Simmons, chickle designs @LeanwithHolly

Chris Herbert Avatar 150x150Using Social Media to Prospect & Build Your Network. Chris' workshop will be on using social media to prospect and build your network. Hell walk you through a lite version of the process, tools and programmatic approach he uses. This workshop is best suited for individuals and companies that need to develop 1:1 relationships. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your laptop. Chris is the founder of Mi6 and Co-Founder of Silicon Halton. Presenter: Chris Herbert, MI6 Agency. @b2bspecialist

Mark ElliottStartup Sales Tactics - Slide 1 - 133x100Startup Sales Tactics. Mark will be speaking on sales tips to help startups bring on new customers and users. This interactive session will cover Sales Tactics, CRM, Networking, Cold Calling, Social Selling, and much more. Mark co-founded VA Partners in 2006 to help growing firms with both strategic and tactical part-time sales and marketing support.Presenter: Mark Elliott, Venture Accelerator Partners Inc. @markeelliott

Rishi BandhuFirst or Early Hires - Getting it right & avoiding the pitfalls. Like many relationships, employment relationships start off with the best of intentions. Business needs can change though and employment disputes often result. Such disputes are costly and distracting to any business, particularly new ones. Learn what you can do to minimize employment disputes from the outset and set the stage for productive, rewarding employment relationships, while greatly minimizing the prospect for disputes. Presenter: Rishi Bandhu, Bandhu Law Professional Corporation. @RISHBAN2 

Ramesh RajadurayPatents and Startups - Slide 1 Patents and Startups. Ramesh's presentation will cover patent strategies and issues relevant to startups. He'll cover various types of IP, advantages/disadvantages of filing for patent protection, building a strong IP culture in startups, strategies to reduce cost of filing for patent protection, positioning a patent portfolio for funding/exit strategies, using IP databases for market intelligence and handling IP threats. Presenter: Ramesh Rajaduray, Director of IP Strategy, Intellectual Property and Technology, Stratford Managers Corporation. @rrajadur   

Richard Kun 100x100Leveraging Government Funding to Grow Your Business. The workshop will focus on how to discover funding to grow your business. Funding will be discussed for projects in areas of developing and commercialization of new products, processes or services, interactive digital media, hiring and training, expanding to foreign markets, purchase of capital equipment and green initiatives. The workshop will cover different types of resources and how to identify your potential projects that qualify so effective applications can be made to secure funding. Presenter: Richard Kun, RDP Associates, @richardkrdp

Trevor McAlpine 100x100Turbo-Charge Innovation - Slide 1 - 133x1003 ways to turbo-charge innovation. Learn how to begin innovating faster with greater results! You will learn the latest and most effective Creative Problem Solving framework/process, the Thinking Skills Model - the culmination of over 50 years of extensive scientific research. You will learn the key thinking skills, language, and disciplines that accelerate innovation success. Lastly, you will learn how your individual problem-solving preferences can help or hinder your innovative efforts. Come learn the concepts and skills of innovation today ... before your competitors do! Presenter: Trevor McAlpine, Synergetic Management @SynergeticMan

GregClarkeTaking a Byte Out of Taxes - slide 1Taking a Byte out of Taxes. Taxes are among the biggest expense entrepreneurs face. Yet, many do not consider that through smart tax planning there can be “found” money. What can you do now to start saving? Presenter: Join Greg Clarke, Partner from SB Partners for some valuable insights on structuring your business tax efficiently, and you just might find some money you didn’t think you had.

Philip NeukomThink Youre Ready For Outside Investor Funding - slide 1 - 133x100Think You're Ready for Outside Investor Funding? There are many sources of funding available for tech companies but one of the hardest to get is Angel and Venture Capital funding. The media provides many success stories but the data shows that only the "lucky" few get funded. Canadian Venture Capital investing was up a record 31% or $500 million in 2013, but the number of actual deals done increased by only 2% or 9 deals. Learn what you need to do before starting your venture funding journey. What you will learn will improve your chances for success. Presenter: Philip Neukom, Profit Analytics Inc.@philipneukom 

Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Workshop Day @ Burlington HiVE

Interested in presenting in the Future?

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Join fellow members at our monthly Silicon Halton Day at the coworking space in Downtown Burlington, the Burlington HiVE. However, come prepared to do your work. This is not an 8 hour business networking event. Other than some members meeting for a Peer2Peer group meeting at 8:30am and the optional workshops, there are no other planned structured activities during the day.

Collisionable. Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) is a believer in the idea, popular in organizationaly psychology, that random, unplanned interactions between people often yield the most innovative results.
- Sara Corbett, from her first article in Wired Magazine


If you’ve experienced the favourable collisions that regularly occur during the short span of a Silicon Halton meetup, imagine the possibilities during a full day? Collisions are the probable introductions to other local tech businesses or professionals or ancillary tech services. These collisions routinely produce economic and/or professional growth. Can you afford not to come?

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72bluemedia-final colour smWhile at The Hive, 72Blue Media is offering its video production services to create a 1 minute promotional video for free to the first 3 of Silicon Halton's members who sign up. This video can be used to promote your companies products and or services on your site as well as used in social campaigns. To register for this and to schedule some time please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 905-299-8117.

Choose Your Own Window

The time you spend at The HiVE is your decision. Come for an hour, the morning or afternoon, or just for the Workshops, or all day. Come in, find a desk, get to work.

When: Wedneday March 26, 2014. Open from 8am - 6pm

Cost: No cost for Silicon Halton members. Must pre-register, here

Location: Burlington HiVE, Downtown Burlington. [map]

Discuss: Silicon Halton members can discuss the event here.

Register for Silicon Halton Day (excludes Workshops): here (you can also register at the door)

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Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre-workshop day conversation with the presenters and attendees in our private Linkedin group. Help them make this Workshop Day relevant to you.


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