iOS Developers Peer-2-Peer (5th Anniversary !)

October 13, 2015 | Fortino's, Burlington

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5 short years ago I started this fine meetup to help me get out of my home office and connect with other like-minded iOS coders.  And since then we've grown to almost 200 members and have become the best community of iOS developers in the West End.

Your support for this meetup is so much appreciated that to help celebrate this milestone I've invited Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook to join us.  (pending it fits their schedules)

Given that they might not show, I've then encouraged them to send us an TV Developers Kit.  There might also be an FPV Drone flying around at this event too.  (anything can happen!)

We'll have some fun poking around the tvOS and maybe play a game or two.

So come on out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and help make it memorable.  :)

Learn more here.

Where:  Fortino's Community Room, Appleby Line & Dundas, Burlington


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