Meetup #49 - Why, How, What

November 12, 2013 | Emma's Back Porch, Burlington | Meetup #49

Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Meetup #49: Why, How, What

During Meetup 49 we will be exploring why successful people and companies start with why, not what they do.

Stronger and productive networks are formed when others share the reason why you do what you do. But most people are programmed to build networks and business because of what they do. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Based on the Simon Sinek’s TedTalk (below), How great leaders inspire action, and his book, Start with Why, join us for a discussion on how incorporating the science of why into your networking strategy can help you to better leverage your connections for success.


1:30: His discovery

2:15: the Golden Circle (why, how, what)

3:25: How Apple could market, the traditional uninspiring way

4:15: How Apple actually communicates

5:40: the Goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe

7:56: The goal is to hire people who believe what you believe

11:06: Law of Diffusion of Innovation

13:32: TIVO example of not starting with why, and why they're a commercial failure.

Speed Networking Section

November is also Networking. Following the presentation, we will participate in a speed networking session. Networking is a particularly effective way to get new business, not to mention other benefits such as strengthening ones peer support network and locating mentors.

To ensure wall-flowers profit as much as the power networkers, we will use the low-tech but effective Popsicle stick networking technique. Guided by numbered Popsicle sticks, attendes will join small groups to exchange business information then move to another group, and so on. You will come away with new connections and leads to future opportunities.

 Presenter & Host

LisaDLisa Denis is President & Founder of start-up company, Enrolink, Inc., encouraging people to pursue their personal passions by removing traditional financial and technical barriers; creating a community directory and online registration service for sports and recreational activities. Lisa will lead the evening's speed networking. @enrolink


Event Snapshot for Your Calendar

Topic: Why, How, What
Target Audience: Technology entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, educators and students
Meetup Track: Networking: Collaboration, Partnerships, Referrals, and Career Growth
Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 @ 7pm
Location:  Emma's Back Porch, Burlington.
How much it costs: Nothing but your time.
Pre-Event Q&A Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre-event conversation with the organizers and facilitator in our private Linkedin group. Help them make this meetup relevant to you.

Pre-Event Q&A

Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre & post-event conversation with the presenters in our private Linkedin group. Help them make this meetup relevant to you.


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