Converting Opportunities to Deals workshop

May 27, 2013 - 8:30AM | Hampton’s Restaurant, Oakville | Sales Training Workshop.

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What if you could convert more opportunities faster?

Would it have a significant impact on your business today?

Join us for breakfast and an intimate interactive workshop that is designed to help your prospects to buy - NOW.

Gain insight into the questions buyers need addressed at each stage of their buying process. Learn how to reach your prospect emotionally and to trigger them to take action.

By the end of this interactive workshop you will

  • Learn ways to engage your prospect emotionally
  • Gain insight into how to help your prospect through their buying process
  • Learn evidence based principles that trigger "yes"
  • Learn how how to uncover "the" problem or opportunity and establish your solution as "the" answer
  • Practice using provocative questions and narrative that engages your prospect- have a plan to help you to collect and codify best practices to accelerate your sales success


Monday May 27, 2013, 8am | Oakville | Register

Workshop Leader

zimmermanMarguerite Zimmerman is the CEO of E=mz2 and creator of MomentiumTM, the world’s leading online interactive sales system based on gaming technology. Marguerite’s quest to create a sustainable and duplicatable sales system started in the early 80’s upon the establishment of her own Sales training and consultancy business.  Capitalizing upon her own sales successes as sales manager and mentor within Fortune 500 companies, Marguerite identified the need to create a sales system that could produce results all the time, every time, no exceptions. Understanding that the greatest impact, opportunities and challenges are created by the Sales Force and following extensive research in the market, she identified that no system could offer the “holy grail” - a systemized selling system. MomentiumTM was borne from this realization and from working with leading experts from both the sales and academic world, with guidance from the National Research Council of Canada, and the passion and drive of one woman’s quest to raise the profile of the sales person to the next level.

Marguerite presented at Silicon Halton Meetup #22, Creating High Differentiation Through Evidence Based Selling.

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