Meetup #42 - The Future of Silicon Halton


Thanks to everyone who came out to workshop with us re the future of Silicon Halton.  With almost 40 people at Ned Devine's, we covered a lot of ground, and discussed a whole bunch of things including:

Celebrating the past:  We’ve learned a great deal over the past three years on how communities develop and grow organically without the need for funding. We’ve worked with many Silicon Halton members who have donated (and continue to do so) their time in contributing to the success of meetups, peer to peer groups and the overall well being of the community. We heard from you what you liked, and what you thought we could be better. Thank you everyone!

Looking Forward:  Working in 3 teams we brainstormed, planned, and built action plans around three key areas that we'll work on for the next 12 months.

  • Building A Sustainable Organization - Incorporate and Raising Funds.
  • Expanding The Silicon Halton Community - more awareness, more reach, more reputation.
  • Building An Economic Engine - that helps members not only network, but get a lot more business.

Thanks to everyone for their ideas, commitment, and courage to help us get Silicon Halton to the next level.  Remember - 2500 members this year!  We look forward to working with you this year - and for many years to come.

Chris, Rick, and Reema

Deck from Meetup 42


Post-Event Q&A

Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre-event and post-event conversations with the presenters in our private Linkedin group. Help them make this meetup relevant to you.



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