As annoying as they seemingly are, a recruiter teasing you with a seemingly cool job opportuity, imagine if they were not calling you (or emailing, LinkedIn/Twitter message)? If they are not, then either you can’t be found, your skills are hidden, or your skills aren’t needed.

Before dismissing a call outright, consider these salient reason why you should at least consider the new opportunity. Your career takes the 45seconds to read these.

  1. There is no better time to objectively evaluate an opportunity and company with a clear mind without any negative, outside influences or external pressures (e.g. you have just been restructured out and need a job now).
  2. Opportunities appear more attractive than they really are when you’re currently unsatisfied in your role or company. 
  3. You are more likely to settle for a lesser position or salary when tyou are unhappy than they would have if they were satisfied in their current role.
  4. You have the time to investigate and qualify the new opportunity and company to determine if it will help you grow professionally.
  5.  In today’s corporate world, the only job security you have is the security you provide for yourself.
  6. This is the best time in your career to take your successes and accomplishments to test what they’re worth to another company.
  7. Actively looking for a job can be a full-time job itself and can also be also be very stressful to you and your family. People who get ahead don’t wait until there is something that they don’t like in their current role to have an open mind. They are proactive and keep their options open.

Abbrieviated from a post by Jerry Land. Read the full article here.

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