Posted: Sep 27/18 | By: Chris Herbert 

Here’s our next installment in our conversation series with Silicon Halton members, sponsor partners and generally some pretty cool people that we’d like you to get to know. Our guest is Silicon Halton member Sam Reid, Director of Business Development [LinkedIn] for Quaenet [Web Site | LinkedIn | Twitter].

Local Matters

Local companies like Quaenet, from Oakville, are extremely important to the success of our entrepreneur and technology ecosystem. Canada (Halton Region) needs to lead in key emerging technology fields like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain etc. There are many reasons why but the most obvious one is why not?!

So we’ll keep telling you about some amazing people and companies, in tech,  in our back yard and encourage you to support them. These local companies drive economic development, partnerships and jobs and are well suited to provide technology solutions and services not only globally but to the many non-tech companies here in Halton region as well. 

Let’s Learn about LPWan, LoRaWAN and Quaenet!

Sam presented to the Silicon Halton IoT Peer2Peer group recently [Learn More & Join] and he and I had a conversation. HIs slides and the recording of our conversations are below. Enjoy!

NOTE: The timeline below outlines what we discussed. To fast forward to a spot in the interview press the > key on your keyboard. 

00:35 What is LPWan and how is it better than than using cellular and wifi for IoT?
01:53 Most telematics solutions required connectivity using cellular or satelite? What is the use case for LPWan for fleets?
03:49 Who is Quaenet and what’s the status of their LPWan roll out? How is Quaenet funded and what are some key partners integral to building out Quaenet’s LPWan infrastructure?
06:55 What is LoRaWAN and how can you get started using LPWan technology? Should you set up your own private network or use a public one like Quaenet’s? What are the advantages of using a public LPWan operators network?
11:10 How is 5G different than LPWan/LoRaWAN?
13:35 What types of customers is/can Quaenet support and what are some use cases. Examples covered include Smart Cities, asset management, farming and even golf courses.
22:07 What is it that you want Silicon Halton members to know about Quaenet and some of the key goals for the company?


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