Social Good Was The Theme for the Week!

Last week was fantastic! In addition to serving our Mi6 Agency clients my Silicon Halton travels including getting together and engaging with SH members and the broader Halton community. I’m a big believer in the concept of “abundance” — thanks to Mark Fornasiero [LinkedIn | Twitter] who is a growth and exit strategist who introduced me to this concept — which means there is plenty to go around for us all. 

This way of thinking means that collectively we can all benefit from progress by sharing, helping and collectively aiming for success. In fact it’s my strong view that the current way we to business is broken and too few are generating too much for themselves. A new vision on what business can and should do to distribute value to our society and to each other is long overdue.

I’d like to think that Silicon Halton plays this role for many of us. Our community, our companies and our economy leave people behind… that has to change. 

Youth at Risk in Halton Region

Oakville Community Foundation (OCF) Releases Vital Youth Report

On Nov 6th I attended Oakville Community Foundations launch event for their: “Vital Youth Report, A Tale of Two Childhoods”. I was taken aback at the realities of youth at risk in Oakville and the surround area. However, the presentation and event achieved a balance of dire news with hope and opportunity. 

Vital Youth Report

But first, we all must understand what’s happening to our youth and the vulnerable groups within it. Watch the video below or check out my tweet thread for some alarming stats.

So, Canada sucks when it comes to supporting youth. So does Halton Region. Let’s call a spade a spade first! 

Now, let’s do something about it shall we? Get involved in local charities, make a donation to one of OCF Funds, not for profits and programs like Silicon Halton’s TU20 program. Equally important is be mindful that more of our youth are in need than you’d think. Start with your own kids and families. Silicon Halton the the TU20 team are proud to be working with OCF in 2019 to help affect positive change in our community. Stay tuned to learn more.

Diversity Program to be Announced

Two key activities happened last week on the subject of diversity. First, we had a kitchen table discussion with a small group of SH members on the topic of diversity. Elizabeth Bolton Lim [LinkedIn], Diversity Officer from BDC share with SH members how BDC has implemented a diversity program. And, we met with Kimberly Neale [LinkedIn], who is working with SH member Noel Martel [LinkedIn] to launch a diversity program for SH. Stay tuned. 

Taking it To The Street with Santa!

Some of you may know that I’m an advisor at Emoggo [Website | Facebook| Twitter], a social enterprise and app, designed to help local shops and restaurants connect with shoppers. It’s now launched in Milton, Burlington and Oakville. Last week Lisa Denis [LinkedIn]. Last week we visited local stores in Milton wearing out ugly Christmas sweaters (photos were banned from the Internet!). Our goal was to tell them about Emoggo and that a team from Emoggo and Re:Soul Youth Centre [Website] will be in Milton’s Santa Claus parade on Nov 17th!  And, Emoggo will be in the Burlington Santa Claus parade as well. 

Milton Santa Claus Parade

The goal is to generate awareness, end users and enhanced business listings. Emoggo is designed to help the following groups: 1) Businesses: to generate foot traffic and mobile first customers; 2) Shoppers and Diners: to discover, support and remember nearby shops, restaurants and more; 3) Community Partners : like BIAs and business groups to deliver more value to their members, and 4) Charities and Clubs: as another channel to generate awareness and financial support. 

Now It’s Your Turn

These journal posts are done weekly and I report on the things I’ve been up to. I try to get out three to four times per week. If you’ve got something going on that you’d like me to participate let me know. Any key announcements you’d like for me share I can do so here as well subject to space and time availability. Those members and their businesses that are giving first to the community take precedent along with strategic priorities and partner sponsors. 

What’s Next in Our Community?

Lot’s of stuff happening in our community and there are many places to refer to regularly. Places to check out are: our newsletter, events page and blog posts. And, remember to check out what our TU20 team is up to as well.  

One key activities I’d like to high lite is below. 

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