As tech companies, and especially startups, we seem to be constantly searching for places to ‘hang our hats’.  We’re all more than comfortable working ‘virtually’, but we also know that there’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting with clients or investors when the time comes. 

At NEXED we’ve been lucky to be able to use a beautiful café in Bronte – Taste of Colombia – to host many events, demos and meetings. The café recently expanded and now offers an events room adjacent to it. It’s 850sq.ft with space for up to 60 people, wifi throughout, access to a digital projector and sound system, tables and chairs that can be arranged as you need them and free parking.  And of course, having a café right beside you has benefits that don’t need to be spelled out. 

Currently, Taste of Colombia is offering the space at a reduced rate for SH members. To book an event please contact Yurry Wu at 289.837.2031. And stay tuned for updates about a new SH meetup group on Fridays at the café – TGIF Tech. The first is scheduled for November 28th- 3-5pm. More details coming soon!

Sometimes a more formal and intimate atmosphere is required. Carolyn Moshtagh of AXXYR, also located in Bronte, is offering her boardroom to SH members who are looking for a quiet place for smaller meetings. Again, with access to whatever you may need to meet, demo and discuss. Contact Carolyn at 416.500.9195 to set up a time. 

So if you need to get out and about, these are two great locations in Bronte for SH members to call home- at least for a couple hours!

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