Defining Our Direction?

If you were to spend one night chatting with Silicon Halton members you’d find out very fast that we have world class entrepreneurs, technologists, data scientists, software developers, lawyers, sales reps and marketers. That’s why when I heard about the City of Toronto “partnering” with Google’s Sidewalk labs my first question was why? Make no mistake that the direction we set when it comes to things like “citizen data”, “smart cities” and AI will affect our countries destiny. So, do we really need Google to make the City of Toronto “smart”. Nope. Made in Canada and made for Canada is better.  Check out Jim Basillie’s article in the Globe and Mail entitled: Sidewalk Toronto has only one beneficiary, and it is not Toronto [Article link].

IoT and Facility Management

At this past weeks IoT Peer2Peer, we discussed the evolution of technology solutions that involves integration of software, sensors and trackers (IoT devices) and data networks (integrated solutions) to manage the utilization and performance of facilities & assets (fixed and mobile) for driving the desired business outcomes. Bhuwan Sharma [LinkedIn], from Kibog Inc [Website], shared his thoughts on the industry, based on his interactions with facility and physical asset managers, provide a demo and share lessons learned from collaborating with customers to build/bootstrap an integrated facility & asset management solution.

Thank You

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with your friends and family. I’d like to express my thanks to the many Silicon Halton members that have are contributing to make our community very special. This is a partial list for sure! Thanks to:

 What’s Next in Our Community?

  • Tomorrow is our 108th meetup asking If Your AI Invention is Patentable? [more and register] and were’ very lucky to have Ian McMillan [LinkedIn], Patent Partner and Catherine Lovrics [LinkedIn] , Partner, Lawyer and Trade Mark Agent from Bereskin & Parr [Website]. 
  • Oct 16th learn how to Successfully Lead in a Multi-Generational Workforce [see events]
  • Oct 22nd the Software Peer2Peer group is covering JSON Web Tokens [see events]
  • Oct 24th the CEO Peer2Peer is covering Channels to Get to Market [see events]
  • Oct 24th the Women in Tech Peer2Peer is covering Body Language [see events]

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