Playing Catch Up!

Well it’s October 23rd and I’m finding myself behind in my weekly journal posts! These posts share some of the things that happened the previous week within the SH community and news that caught my attention that is relevant to our local tech ecosystem. I’ll allow editorial leeway as well though! 

Affordable Housing

A key issue facing Toronto (any city for that matter), especially those developing technology clusters, is the availability of affordable housing. There are many factors that contribute to this problem, some caused by technology companies specifically, but regardless of the cause affordable housing for all people is vital in any community. I mean ALL people including those in need, young professionals, new families and older people. And, we need fresh thinking when it comes to commercial and residential property development especially when it comes to mixed use. I’d love to see a complex that is designed specifically for first time commercial AND residential property buyers. 


Congratulations Lisa Denis

Silicon Halton member and Women in Tech Peer2Peer co-lead Lisa Denis is a 2018 winner of the 50 over 50 awards [More here] . Lisa’s newest venture is Emoggo [Website] a social enterprise and application that will help small businesses grow while supporting local community groups. It’s great to see that entrepreneurs over 50 are being recognized! The 50+ group pumps out more entrepreneurs than any other demographic [Source]! 


Is Your Technology Invention Protectable?

Special thanks to our sponsor Bereskin & Parr who presented at meetup 108 on October 8th. What’s great about our community is the talent and expertise our members have and offer. This meetup was a “drinking through the firehose” experience! It was quite comprehensive and time well spent for sure. The takeaway? If you’re developing a technology product be sure to invest time, effort and money in understanding IP protection and how it can be used to your advantage. In my experience working with technology professionals not enough time is spent in this area! The Oct 8th meetup was a great information primer. Thanks to Ian McMillan, Patent Partner [LinkedIn]; Catherine Lovrics, Partner, Laywer and Trade Mark Agent [LinkedIn], and Matthew Graff, Partner [LinkedIn] from Bereskin & Parr for presenting and allow us to share the presentation deck below.  

 What’s Next in Our Community?

I’m still playing catch up with my journal posts so look for a couple more very soon. In the meantime check out Silicon Halton’s upcoming events [Events page]

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