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Update - February 2013:

Regrettably, Silicon Halton has had to withdraw from the HalTech Start-Up CEO P2P: Digital Media and ICT.  It’s not a decision we make lightly, and are hugely disappointed. 

We've left this post up as we're proud that Silicon Halton’s innovative and breakthrough concept of this P2P was instantiated. We're not aware of this peer-to-peer format existing anywhere else. Our persistent objective remains, to help emerging leaders make better and faster decisions in order to accelerate their startup.

Original Post - January 2013: 

HalTech and Silicon Halton are proud to announce the Startup CEO Peer-to-peer group. Launched in October 2012, fifteen CEO’s from Halton based startups came together to share their expertise with their peers.

The Startup CEO P2P group will leverage the combined expertise and shared experiences and knowledge of CEOs from Halton based startups for the purpose of accelerating their individual businesses.

Startup CEO’s operate without a corporate safety net. Yet, as we’ve learned from the Silicon Halton CEO P2P, they value a forum where they can openly discuss common challenges and gain insight from their peer-CEOs.

Based on the successful formula of the Silicon Halton CEO P2P, we’ve engineered a similar model to ensure each Startup CEO P2P member has the utmost in common with their fellow Startup CEOs. The resulting shared experiences have proven to generate relevant and valuable exchanges. A forum where a startup CEO can present their challenge, and receive possible solutions from a variety of angles.

Additionally and significantly, HalTech brings to the table an Executive in Residence and their Volunteer Mentorship Program. Both will join the CEO's monthly, bringing value to the Startup CEO’s that extends beyond the P2P event itself.

Meeting monthly, members share challenges, “what’s keeping them up at night” and more importantly, share their collective expertise and experience in a highly confidential and comfortable setting.

“CEO therapy”

As a self-directed group, facilitated in partnership by Silicon Halton and HalTech, Halton's Regional Innovation Centre, the group decides the monthly topics in order to provide the most timely and best value to them. Deciding monthly results in topics that are essential, vs. important. Ultimately, they will build stronger companies, gain the ability to do more and do it better, and an even stronger ICT and Digital Media cluster in Halton Region.

This is the new normal in Halton Region. Startup CEO’s no longer have to “go it alone”. An eco system of support now exists, and continues to grow, to help ensure the success of their endeavour, and create hi tech jobs in the region. Contact Raajan Mangat at HalTech, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

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