Meetup #65 - Tech Under 20

Developing Talent, Discovering Opportunities

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | 7pm | Art Gallery of Burlington, Shoreline Room


Join us for Tech Under 20, Part 2, as we focus on Tech Internships

  • Employers need to continuously develop new talent, acquire new skills, and be open to fresh insights and ideas.
  • Tech Under 20's need hands-on work experience that will strengthen their resumes and take their skills and careers to the next level.

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Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Meetup #65: Tech Under 20

A team of teens and adult mentors are working together on this meetup, inviting local Employers and Tech Under 20's to present ideas and discuss the importance of Tech Internships to the ongoing growth and success of all types of businesses in the region.

jointhediscussionOn March 10, 2015 at 7 PM,
you'll hear from:

    • Tech-focused students who have recently completed internships and are looking for new opportunities
    • Employers who have recently offered (or are looking to fill) tech-focused internships in Halton
    • Government program representatives with information about funding (for employers) and opportunities (for students / grads)

Plus, take part in the discussion after the presentations -- get involved and help Silicon Halton develop a new Tech Internship Program for the region.




  1. Oleg L.
    Grade 12 student, Oakville

    Software developer
    INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: Recently completed a semester-long co-op with Promys Inc. that led to a full time summer job offer.
    TOPIC: Oleg will discuss how demonstrating a high level of skill and commitment during a short-term co-op can lead to extended opportunities with an employer.
    LOOKING FOR: In the future, Oleg will be looking for internship/co-op opportunities in a computer security or software development firm.

  2. Amanda R.
    1st year UWaterloo

    Honors Mechatronics program
    Schulich Leader scholarship winner
    NTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: After competing in robotics competitions for 6 years and volunteering in LEGO robotics since 2011, she is currently working on her first co-op placement as an Automation Engineer at Camcor Manufacturing, Linamar
    TOPIC: Amanda will discuss the importance of networking before, during and after internships and co-op programs.
    LOOKING FOR: Amanda is looking for opportunities to work with engineering companies involved in national defense. 

  3. Ella R.
    Grade 12 student, Oakville

    Competitive robotics software developer, autonomous programmer & on-field strategist
    INTERSHIP EXPERIENCE: Completed an Internship with Hatch Inc. last summer in the Thermal and Nuclear Sector.
    TOPIC: Ella will discuss how her internship opened her eyes to the variety of roles available on engineering teams in a large company setting.
    LOOKING FOR: Ella is looking for a multitude of engineering experiences that will expand her skillset in multiple different sectors, from electrical engineering to software engineering. Ultimately, her long term goal is to work on projects involving robotics and artificial intelligence.

  4. Eddie S.
    Grade 12 student, Milton

    Competitive robot designer, build team leader & on-field strategist
    INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: Eddie hasn't taken part in an internship program yet, but want to learn more about opportunities related to engineering and design.
    TOPIC: Eddie has advanced skills in design, engineering and robot fabrication, but he is unsure of where to turn for information on internships that would suit his interests and future career development. He will also discuss some of the benefits of internships to students.
    LOOKING FOR: Eddie is incredibly interested in the biomedical side of engineering, and hopes to be working in that field in the future. He is looking for opportunities that will progress his career toward this goal.

  5. Sam R.
    1st year student at OCAD University
    Majoring in Graphic Design
    INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: Completed a communications internship with Appleby College two years ago that led to a paid, full time position with their communications team the following summer.
    TOPIC: Sam will discuss how his technical and creative skills in graphic design and digital photography were expanded while meeting the needs of the internship, and how he benefited from the responsibility and creative freedom provided by both the internship and full-time summer positions.
    LOOKING FOR: Sam is interested in working with organizations that will stretch his technical and creative skills further, while providing opportunities to continuing developing his portfolio of graphic design, photography, videography and motion graphics work.

  6. Craig Keilburger Secondary School
    Grade 11 Students, ICT SHSM Program
    Sanval S., Thomas G., Kyele H., Lucas T., Daniel S.
    The students are all enrolled in the ICT SHSM Program at Craig Kielburger Secondary School. A number of the students are also a part of the school's First Robotics team.
    TOPIC: Involvement with Cisco providing IT support for the Pan Am games and how this works as a summer internship (Coop) that they need for their SHSM diploma.


  1. Tom Murad - Ph.D., P.Eng., F.E.C., SM.IEEE
    Head of Siemens Engineering & Technology Academy, Siemens Canada Limited

  2. Vincent Hamel
    Manager, Electro-Optical Engineering, L-3 Wescam

  3. Ian Small
    General Manager, AudioBooks

  4. Mark Arteaga
    President, RedBit Development
    Mark will discuss "what we look for when we hire".

Additional information coming soon.



  1. Sandra Nuhn
    Manager, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Halton Region
    Sandra will highlight 2 young entrepreneur programs that the Halton Region Small Business Centre is delivering in the Region.
    • Summer Company: Provides hands-one business training and mentorship, with awards of up to $3,000 to help enterprising students between the ages of 15 – 29 start and run their own summer business.
    • Starter Company: provides training, mentorship and the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to youth between the ages of 18 – 29 to start, grow or buy a small business.

  2. Kimberly Neale
    Integrated Job Developer, Employment Services, Halton Region
    Kimberly will highlight free employment services, programs and training incentives available to employers & job seekers in Halton Region. She will provide information / updates on Ontario’s Youth Employment Program, the Youth Job Strategy and Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant.

  3. Sabrina Essner
    Program Lead, Halton E-Mentoring & Newcomer Strategy, Halton Region
    Halton Region is a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community. Sabrina will discuss the launch of Halton Region’s E-Mentoring program, community value and how to participate. 


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Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Meetup #65: Tech Under 20




Art Gallery of Burlington
Shoreline Room
7:00 PM

Art Gallery of Burlington
1333 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1A9


Driving Directions

From Niagara or Hamilton East – Take the first exit (Northshore) at the north end of the Skyway Bridge. Keep to the right, pass the Joseph Brant Hospital and Maple Ave. Turn left at Brock Ave and make an immediate right into the driveway of the Art Gallery of Burlington. If you miss the driveway, continue to the corner of Brock and Elgin and make a right – enter the parking lot on your right.

From Toronto or Hamilton West – Take QEW Niagara and exit at Northshore Blvd. Turn left at the end of the ramp and continue under the QEW. You will pass the Joseph Brant Hospital and Maple Ave. Turn left at Brock Ave and make an immediate right into the driveway of the Art Gallery of Burlington. If you miss the driveway, continue to the corner of Brock and Elgin and make a right – enter the parking lot on your right.



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