Get to Know Your Member

One of the staples of our monthly events is having Halton hi tech companies introduce themselves, something we call the “Get to know your member" or #G2KYM. The intros have evolved into a 3-minute-ish introduction by the principle of the company and given towards the close of the “formal” part of the meetup. Our objective is to generate awareness for the hi tech companies that call Halton home.

Mark Mulholland intro of TEDxOakvilleTo date we’ve had, um, I’ve lost track how many intros. Many. Lots. With many many more to come. With usually two intros per meetup, the result is, each year, we’re introduced to 24 hi tech companies that most members didn’t know existed in Halton. We continue to uncover and connect the wealth of hi tech companies right in our own backyard.

Having watched many intros, we know what strikes a cord with the members (i.e. they’ll remember you), and what doesn’t (i.e. “who was that again?”). Here’s what we suggest to the presenting companies:

Similar to an elevator pitch, and to quote Wired Magazine’s Scott Brown, “(your intro has) to be complete, logical, and watertight, stem to stern.”

Tell us about...

What the members are hopefully thinking

Who you are and your role

Cool job

Your company name

Cool name

Your Product(s) and/or Service(s)

Hm, that’s interesting

What makes you unique?

Wow, that’s really interesting

Your target client?

I know someone in those companies

What would you like from Silicon Halton’s members?    

I should give him a connection...

What can you give back to Silicon Halton?

I want to be his/her new BFF


  • Make your intro non-promotional, no special time-limited offers - you’re not selling to the audience
  • We like to have displayed one slide with your company, logo, etc., while you're giving your intro.  
  • Include you Twitter handle on your slidedeck - people will Tweet about you during your intro.
  • We occasionally video your intro and post to Youtube and link back to the post event blog, if you're ok with that.  This will make you intro last and last and last...


Get Started

If you would like to introduce yourself or your Halton based hi tech company at a Silicon Halton meetup, please contact: Ben Baljet or Blake Mason at Ideaprairie by contacting them through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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