SoftwarePeer2PeerMonday, November 28/16 at 7pm | Apple Suites, 700 Third Line, Oakville

Meetup #5: Security in Application Development

When it comes to systems security, the infrastructure tends to get the most Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Software Peer to Peer Group Meetup #5. Topic Securityattention: firewalls, server patching, user access, etc.  Although this is natural and certainly understandable, there are critical decisions to be made during application design and development phase which, if not properly addressed, can undermine system integrity. In this meeting we will focus on the security concerns during application development, including common issues and the techniques used to address them.

Robert Beggs of will be leading the conversation!

For more info, please contact the Software Peer2Peer organizer:  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  Linkedin

Sept 13, 2016 | 7pm - 9:30pm | MEVIC, Milton


Eventbrite - Meetup #83: What Large Tech Companies Look for in Candidates Today - Panel Q&A

We’ve invited a panel of Senior HR Managers from large Halton Region tech companies to help you learn about the employer side of HR. The format is a Q&A interactive style panel, moderated by Bob Nagar and Rick Stomphorst.

People change jobs every 3 years (approx), translating into 400+ Silicon Halton members who may change jobs this year.

This Q&A panel presents you with an opportunity to learn what employers look for and how to be prepared to succeed in getting a job. What do you wish the employer would ask you during an interview? Vise versa, do you know which questions company’s wish you would ask and not ask?

New Career?

All the panelists are in hiring mode. There will be an opportunity before and after the Q&A to meet with participating companies. Bring your resume!

mouseSURVEY: Can't Attend But Want To Be Heard?

If you're unable to attend but still wish to provide input, we want to hear from you!  The 5-question survey is online here (closed).

Pressed for time? Take the abbreviated 2-question multiple-choice survey here (closed).




About the Panelists

cindy-callistoCindy Zabek, Human Resources Director at Callisto Integration

Career Page |

Headquartered in Oakvllle, Callisto is a global leader in manufacturing consulting and systems integration. Callisto designs, develops and implements a comprehensive suite of plant solutions, from shop floor controls, thru MES and ERP integration. Working with some of the worlds largest manufacturing companies, Callisto employees have the opportunity to support innovative solutions in multiple industries around the world.

AngelaMcAngela McNaughton, Sr. Human Resources Manager at L-3 Wescam

Career page | 

Located in Burlington, L-3 WESCAM’s advanced Electro-Optic / Infrared (EO IR), laser imaging and targeting sensor systems provide unparalleled image stability and long-range detection capability to Defense/Military, Homeland Security and Airborne law enforcement agencies worldwide. 

davidl3David Mann, Recruitment Manager at L-3 Wescam

Career page | | LinkedIn

L3-Wescan is recognized as a top employer in the Halton / Hamilton / Niagara region by Canada's Top 100 Employers. We provide a great sense of community and a place to belong for all of our employees. We have very low turnover and people are lining up at the door to get into this awesome company!

lindy-geotabLindy Theron, Vice President Human Resources at GEOTAB

Career Page | @GEOTAB |

Headquartered in Oakville, Geotab is a leading global provider of end-to-end telematics technology gathering more than 600 million data points/day by Geotab devices which help businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles. Geotab has offices around the world. 

bnagarBob Nagar, Leadership and Personal Development coach, and Organizational Development Consultant (Moderator)


Bob is a Leadership and Personal Development coach and Organizational Development Consultant. He built his career and facilitative leadership skills over nearly 25 years as an executive with start-up information technology companies in North America. These companies grew to a healthy size with very large cultural diversity represented in their employees.

Bob has a Masters in Adult Education from the University of Toronto in a program focused on workplace, learning and change. Bob is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Stomphorst Avatar 2014Rick Stomphorst, President of SearchVelocity and Co-Founder of Silicon Halton (Moderator)

LinkedIn | @StompR | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rick is President of, providing recruitment services to technology companies, start-ups and recruitment firms to identify and acquire high-value tech staff for their complex staffing requirements. 


Join The Discussion Online 


On LinkedIn Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre/post meetup converstion with the other attendees or interested members, in our members-only Linkedin group. Help make this meetup relevant to you. Post your questions now!



Milton Education Village Innovation Centre |  555 Industrial Drive, Milton (Highway 401 / Regional Road 25)

MEV Collage

FRIDAY November 18, 2016 | 9:00 am - 10:30 am 

Topic: Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy Your Services Online - part 2 of the Build Online Authority & Make Money Series

Solopreneurs are often solutions in a hunt for problems – they and their skills, talents, and tools are the solution, and they're looking for clients who have problems they could solve ... for the right price.

One of the biggest challenges facing solopreneurs is how to make it easy for their clients to buy from them. From the solopreneurs perspective, it looks deceptively easy:   
-- (Usually) the solopreneur speaks with the client,
-- the client outlines the challenges,
-- and the Solopreneur outlines a solution and quotes a the price for said solution.
What could be simpler?

But from the client's perspective, dealing with the solopreneur often is much more challenging, because of perceived risks and uncertainties.

Why do clients have perceived risks and uncertainties dealing with Solopreneurs?

Solopreneurs usually can do so much more than could ever be listed on a product or service page. This is especially true in IT and related high-tech fields.

This versatility can make it hard for potential clients differentiate core competencies from secondary abilities, and to distinguish between different vendors.

That is why we launched our Build Online Authority & Make Money Series

Last month, Solopreneurs attending our Peer 2 Peer meeting looked at ways they could increase their credibility and authority - this would make it easier for prospective clients to find them.

We looked at how to make prospective clients aware of us and awaken in these prospects an interest in working with us.

This month, we look at ways to help prospects move past mere interest to a full-blown desire to work with us.
(Spoiler Alert: next month we'll discuss how to move prospects from desire through to action, but we have to get there first!)

Making it easier to buy from us

One way to arouse buying desire is to look at how we can make it easier for clients to buy from us.

We do this by offering them a chance to buy a very well-defined service that will yield a desired result. Ideally, this well-defined service is something many of your clients want, and they are willing to discuss buying it with relatively little customization. (Of course, clients can always ask for changes or more customization if they wish it).

A 'well-defined service' is an example of 'productization' of your services. You may be able to do many things, but clients may want to experience your expertise by first buying a well-defined and finite service from you. As they gain confidence in your abilities, they may be more willing to buy other, more customized solutions.

Other ways productizing your services may improve your service business
-- it explicitly identifies your strongest competencies, since they are the ones you would most likely turn into products
-- because these (productized) services are well-defined, it makes your promised result clear and helps you standout from the crowd
-- the defined scope and explicit promise of results reduces the prospect's risk
-- successful delivery of the promised result turns the prospect into a full-fledged client and establishes trust
-- the promised result makes the intangible nature of your services more tangible (at least in terms of the desired results)
-- because these same sets of services are delivered repeatedly to various clients, it improves your (productized) service productivity
-- because these same sets of services are delivered repeatedly to various clients, it improves your (productized) service quality
-- both the resulting increased productivity and higher quality together help increase customer satisfaction
-- customer referals have more of an impact because they relate directly to what future prospects are likely to buy first from you

Imagine your prospective clients having a strong and almost instantaneous understanding of what you do, how you do it, how it will benefit them (your value prop), and what it will cost them.

Would that be an enticing proposition that would help raise your desirability in your prospective clients' eyes?

If so, then join us at our next Peer 2 Peer meeting!

About the Solopreneur Peer 2 Peer group

The Silicon Halton Solopreneur Peer 2 Peer is an open group targeting the Solopreneurs in Halton. The group's goal is to help Solopreneurs working in and on their businesses to achieve whatever objectives they have set out for themselves.

Our Peer 2 Peer meetings help Solopreneurs network with fellow Solopreneurs to learn from shared experiences and make discoveries (e.g. new processes and methodologies) that let Solopreneurs develop best practices that help them get the most out of their existing and future business.

Who knows? You may even find a client, a subcontractor, or business partner while learning and networking at your next Solopreneur Peer 2 Peer meeting.

Learn more about the Solo Peer-2-Peer here.

Where: Halton Hive,  [map]



June 2016 - Investing

June 14, 2016 | 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm (NOTE: early start time) | Halton Hive

We’ve invited a panel of experts to help us understand the range of options available to us to help us finance and fund our new and existing businesses. This meetup’s presenting sponsor is BDC. The format is a Q&A style panel and will be moderated by Chris Herbert.

The lineup of panelists include those experienced in: early stage investing, equity crowdfunding, government funding, cashflow financing, venture capital and small and midsize business loans. Two additional panelists are being confirmed so stay tuned!




About the Panelists

Chris Herbert Avatar 150x150Chris Herbert, Co-founder of Silicon Halton and Head Dude at Mi6 Agency (Moderator)

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Chris is the cofounder of Silicon Halton and founder and CMO of Mi6 Agency. Mi6 Agency is a B2B technology marketing and customer development firm located in Oakville.



Rubson-Ho Rubsun Ho, Chief Crowdpleaser, Crowdmatrix Inc.

 LinkedIn | Twitter

 Rubsun Ho is Chief Crowdpleaser at Crowdmatrix Inc., an equity crowdfunding platform that gives accredited investors the opportunity to invest in leading Canadian  growth companies alongside professional venture investors. A portfolio company of Extreme Venture Partners, Crowdmatrix plans to launch in summer 2016.

 Prior to Crowdmatrix, Rubsun was a co-founder and partner of Cognition LLP, a virtual law firm that was created to address the rising costs and inefficiencies of  corporate legal services. Earlier this year, Cognition was sold to Axiom Legal, a global player that is predicted to be the largest legal services company in the world  in the next 5 years. Rubsun began his career as a securities lawyer in the Toronto and New York offices of Stikeman Elliott. He left Bay Street to join Wysdom Inc. as VP of Business Development in 1999, where he helped raise US$57 million in financing for the wireless Internet startup. Rubsun has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Toronto.



Tony Gopaul, Director, Growth and Transition Capital, BDC


 Tony is a Director, Growth &Transition Capital with BDC Capital, a division of BDC.  BDC is Canada’s business development bank and the only financial institution  dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs.  BDC’s mission is to help create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory services and indirect  Financing, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.  

 Tony’s specific role in Growth & Transition Capital is to provide highly-tailored capital solutions to companies  to help fund ambitious growth projects, acquire  companies, or change ownership. Using a mix of subordinate debt, mezzanine, quasi-equity, and equity he can customize a financing package that provides the  necessary capital injection while maintaining control and managing cash flow.  Industry focus is diverse including technology, manufacturing, services, and many  others with deal sizes ranging from $500k - $35M.  He has been with BDC since 2000 and in his current position for the past 8+ years.


Richard KunRichard Kun, Business Development Manager, RDP Associates

LinkedIn | Twitter

Richard has assisted a wide variety of growth-oriented firms that are focused on technology improvements to seize and maximize opportunities that will increase cash and profits.

Core areas of expertise are Innovation Management, New Product Development and Funding from Tax Credits and Various Government Incentives. Richard is a sponsor of a technology accelerator group, angel investor and business consultant to early stage companies


John-Breakey  John Breakey, CEO at Fivel Systems & Promys Enterprise

  LinkedIn | Twitter

 John Breakey is an Angel investor and the CEO of Fivel Systems Corporation and GeNUIT Inc makers of PROMYS PSA software. He      was the founder and CEO of  UNIS LUMIN from 1990 to 2012 which was acquired by Softchoice for $17M.


Ian Harvey, General Manager HARCAP


Ian is the General Manager of Harcap. HARCAP manages a discretionary investment pool that is designated for promising investments. Target investments are typically some form of debt, equity or hybrid ranging in size from $200,000 to $2,000,000. Investments are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and not necessarily limited by industry or stage of corporate development. However, the company should be beyond the proof of concept stage and preference will be given to companies currently achieving in excess of $500,000 in annual revenue with at least one full year of results and 3rd-party accountant-prepared financial statements.


Peter-Waugh Peter Waugh, Managing Partner at Mercana Growth Partners


Peter has been advising businesses for over 30 years in the areas of business development, leadership and organizational effectiveness, corporate finance and  governance, in a     wide range of industries. He is a consummate connector, always looking to match the needs of the business with the right resources to unlock  growth potential, usually involving   uniquely talented people and specialized forms of financing.




Each panelist will be asked to answer three key questions by the moderator during a five minute window each to kick start the panel and audience interaction. Audience participation is welcomed and encouraged through the presentations and panel discussion!



Join The Discussion Online 


On LinkedIn Silicon Halton members can participate in a pre/post meetup converstion with the other attendees or interested members, in our private Linkedin group. Help make this meetup relevant to you. 



Halton Hive - 901 Guelph Line, Burlington and follow @HaltonHiVE, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 905.592.2590.

hive 2015 collage 2s




Thursday September 22, 2016, 12noon - 1pm | Milton Education Village Innovation Centre | Partner Lunch & Learn

register-nowInterested in Doing Business with the Ontario Government? Here’s your chance to learn how!


  • Government Procurement Policy and Process
  • New Request for Bids and e-Tendering Services
  • How to Prepare a Bid Response
  • Marketing to the Ontario Government
  • Review of our website

Staff from the Town of Milton Procurement Division will be on site to answer questions about doing business with The Town of Milton.


Kevin Fox, Senior Procurement Consultant, Ministry of Government Services. 

Space is limited; please visit to register.


Every month the Innovation Centre hosts informal, and free, presentation on a topic of interest to the residents, members and friends of the Centre and the Milton business community. It is being held at the same time as the monthly Silicon Halton Day where Silicon Halton members come to cowork as our guests for the day.  It’s an open-drop in session, and all Milton entrepreneurs are welcome to attend. You bring your lunch, we’ll bring dessert.

Location: Milton Education Village Innovation Centre. 555 Industrial Drive, Milton. L9T 5E1 [Google Map

Cost: N/A - BYOLunch, dessert provided

MEV Collage

WomenInTech Peer2PeerNovember 22, 2016  |  7 pm  |  The Ivy, 3330 South Service Road, Burlington

Topic: What it Takes (Part III)

Inspired by the Canadian women rocking the RIO Summer Olympics and the amazing #WhatItTakes campaign from SportChek (Check out the videos here) we are bringing in mentors and coaches to take the limits off of our beliefs and dare greatly in our careers and with our businesses.

This month we have Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant Louise Veres leading a workshop breaking patterns of self-doubt to be effective leaders.

The Women in Tech Peer 2 Peer group’s goal is to empower women in business by examining the unique gender based challenges of working in and with technology to effect progressive change within our working and community environments. 

Meet ups are generally for women only who work or live in Halton.  Non-Silicon Halton members are welcome.

Each month we'll have a topic for debate, and an opportunity for individuals to share challenges and successes with the group in a safe, supportive setting. 

Meetup formats may include dinner discussion meetings, guest speaker presentations, or workshops - depending on the topic.

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the Presenter

Louise Veres brings almost a decade of experience as a certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant who helps business and career professionals open their eyes to their unseen leadership potential. Whether it’s helping her clients develop their authentic role as a leader or helping them establish a clear purpose and working with them through creative approaches to accessing business, ongoing accountability, and goal-focused strategies, Louise succeeds at enhancing individual and team performance, productivity, and bottom-line results. She has often been referred to as a catalyst for change and helping entrepreneurs and business professionals overcome their fears so they can master their career and life with clarity, confidence, and power. Louise is one of only four licensed trainers in Canada working alongside Dr. Susan Jeffers, author of “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” and co-author alongside Dr. Pam Brill and David Rock of “No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach”, a book on guiding people to personal and professional success. Louise has spoken to various sized audiences and is also part of the Leadership Team with Career Compass Canada – a full-service talent management provider with a focus on career transition, executive coaching, leadership development, team building and search.




See All Women In Tech Peer2Peer Dates


October 28th 2016  |  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm   |   Taste Of Colombia, 67 Bronte Road, Units #2 and #3, Oakville

The Future of Hospital Management Systems in North America

Company Profile:
Axxyr Medical Systems Inc. Offers a software solution developed for the health industry by Supportech; a Canadian company that have been in business for 30 year developing software solutions for Health Care, Banking, e-learning, Telecom, and Canadian Defense. Axxyr Medical System has used the common sense approach to offer solutions to many complex issues facing management of medical facilities; hence this system flows naturally and is easy to understand. Our system has been designed to adapt to different environments, and working habits of different users, keeping in mind the range of users from the very tech savvy to users with minimal exposure to computers. We provide an end to end automated solution for the day to day activities of medical facilities, eliminating repetitive, and error prone routines of management.  The system flows naturally and is easy to understand, Customizable solution, makes it adaptable for the institution to construct and load desired form. 
Hospital Market:
The Hospital model is slowly shifting from what we know and grew up with to one that is more Ambultory in nature. In USA we witness many hospitals bankrupt as they struggle to operate on a model that is no longer viable. There are many factors that are influencing this shift in North America from the need to reduce repeat admissions for the same condition to reducing overall costs. 

About Carolyn Baboolal

Connecting people gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Developing community relationships and building a local awareness of the Axxyr brand is all about connecting people, sometimes there is business for Axxyr and sometimes there is not! 

I also enjoy paper crafting like paper engineering. My dog, cat , and family keep me busy the rest of the time.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Axxyrmed7 1

Carolyn can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Like Taste Of Colombia Facebook Page Facebook Page

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TGIF Tech Supporters

TGIF Tech Sponsors


About TGIF Tech

Held once a month on a Friday afternoon, these informal meetings are a way to build the connections among Oakville’s technology ecosystem. We offer an informal touch point for business development, sharing knowledge and information in a relaxed environment. Consider coming out and joining us if you are involved with a digital media business or organization in Oakville. Our broad definition of technology includes video, gaming, wire-less, animation, podcasting, online communications, software programming and consulting, etc.

Got an idea for a Friday afternoon - or looking for more information - please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Location: Taste of Colombia (Bronte BIA) Map: 


Silicon Halton is a grassroots high tech community focused on Technology, Community, and Growth