Add Quality Video To Your Marketing Toolkit - Silicon Halton Meetup #87


Tuesday January 10, 2017 | 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm | MEV Innovation Centre, Milton

Eventbrite - Adding Quality Video to your Marketing Arsenal - Silicon Halton Meetup #87During this meetup you'll learn how to make better quality video fast and without the burden of added cost.

Your Customers Are Watching Videos

Fact: 100 million internet users watch online video each day. The rise in demand for video has many business owners looking for affordable ways to make video and reach their audience. The cost of video has dropped dramatically and the opportunity to make affordable video with high production value is within grasp.

Carlo Sicoli, co-founder of Soaq, will facilitate a hands-on session where participants will use proven techniques and tips business owners, marketing and sales professionals, engineers and trainers can use to make quality video.

We will

  • Examine how to create effective video content (messaging, purpose of video, audience)
  • Explore what makes video attractive
  • Practice proven methods for making video attractive with a smartphone and free tools
  • Identify the business value of video and evaluate the different types that can help your business

About the Presenter

carloCarlo Sicoli is a co-founder of Soaq. Soaq is an intelligent video platform specifically designed for organizations to create and share internal and external video. Companies use Soaq to upload and share video inside their organization to improve training, communication, and employee engagement. [Twitter: @soaqapp] [Youtube]



Milton Education Village Innovation Centre |  555 Industrial Drive, Milton (Highway 401 / Regional Road 25)

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