Solopreneur Peer-2-Peer #64: Make It Easy For Customers To Buy Your Services Online

FRIDAY November 18, 2016 | 9:00 am - 10:30 am 

Topic: Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy Your Services Online - part 2 of the Build Online Authority & Make Money Series

Solopreneurs are often solutions in a hunt for problems – they and their skills, talents, and tools are the solution, and they're looking for clients who have problems they could solve ... for the right price.

One of the biggest challenges facing solopreneurs is how to make it easy for their clients to buy from them. From the solopreneurs perspective, it looks deceptively easy:   
-- (Usually) the solopreneur speaks with the client,
-- the client outlines the challenges,
-- and the Solopreneur outlines a solution and quotes a the price for said solution.
What could be simpler?

But from the client's perspective, dealing with the solopreneur often is much more challenging, because of perceived risks and uncertainties.

Why do clients have perceived risks and uncertainties dealing with Solopreneurs?

Solopreneurs usually can do so much more than could ever be listed on a product or service page. This is especially true in IT and related high-tech fields.

This versatility can make it hard for potential clients differentiate core competencies from secondary abilities, and to distinguish between different vendors.

That is why we launched our Build Online Authority & Make Money Series

Last month, Solopreneurs attending our Peer 2 Peer meeting looked at ways they could increase their credibility and authority - this would make it easier for prospective clients to find them.

We looked at how to make prospective clients aware of us and awaken in these prospects an interest in working with us.

This month, we look at ways to help prospects move past mere interest to a full-blown desire to work with us.
(Spoiler Alert: next month we'll discuss how to move prospects from desire through to action, but we have to get there first!)

Making it easier to buy from us

One way to arouse buying desire is to look at how we can make it easier for clients to buy from us.

We do this by offering them a chance to buy a very well-defined service that will yield a desired result. Ideally, this well-defined service is something many of your clients want, and they are willing to discuss buying it with relatively little customization. (Of course, clients can always ask for changes or more customization if they wish it).

A 'well-defined service' is an example of 'productization' of your services. You may be able to do many things, but clients may want to experience your expertise by first buying a well-defined and finite service from you. As they gain confidence in your abilities, they may be more willing to buy other, more customized solutions.

Other ways productizing your services may improve your service business
-- it explicitly identifies your strongest competencies, since they are the ones you would most likely turn into products
-- because these (productized) services are well-defined, it makes your promised result clear and helps you standout from the crowd
-- the defined scope and explicit promise of results reduces the prospect's risk
-- successful delivery of the promised result turns the prospect into a full-fledged client and establishes trust
-- the promised result makes the intangible nature of your services more tangible (at least in terms of the desired results)
-- because these same sets of services are delivered repeatedly to various clients, it improves your (productized) service productivity
-- because these same sets of services are delivered repeatedly to various clients, it improves your (productized) service quality
-- both the resulting increased productivity and higher quality together help increase customer satisfaction
-- customer referals have more of an impact because they relate directly to what future prospects are likely to buy first from you

Imagine your prospective clients having a strong and almost instantaneous understanding of what you do, how you do it, how it will benefit them (your value prop), and what it will cost them.

Would that be an enticing proposition that would help raise your desirability in your prospective clients' eyes?

If so, then join us at our next Peer 2 Peer meeting!

About the Solopreneur Peer 2 Peer group

The Silicon Halton Solopreneur Peer 2 Peer is an open group targeting the Solopreneurs in Halton. The group's goal is to help Solopreneurs working in and on their businesses to achieve whatever objectives they have set out for themselves.

Our Peer 2 Peer meetings help Solopreneurs network with fellow Solopreneurs to learn from shared experiences and make discoveries (e.g. new processes and methodologies) that let Solopreneurs develop best practices that help them get the most out of their existing and future business.

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