About Silicon Halton

What is Silicon Halton?


We are the grassroots hi tech community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in technology in Halton Region. Everything we do and stand for is based on our three pillars:

Technology. We are passionate about technology and how it can make our lives and our planet better, more fun and meaningful.

Community. We are committed to connecting and creating a strong social network for IT professionals, hi-tech entrepreneurs and executives, educators, students, companies and technology enthusiasts that live or work in Halton.

Growth. We are focused on helping people, companies and the hitech industry grow and have Halton become known globally as the best place for people in technology to live, work and play.

What Do We Do?

We action various physical and virtual programs to help members connect with their Halton hi-tech community and create opportunities for business growth, professional growth, and partnerships. We have become the platform for Halton tech companies to dream, discuss, develop, test, and launch their business ideas.  We've watched members become empowered and launch new companies.  At present we run:

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Who Are Our Members?

We are hi-tech entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, students and professionals (in the beginning, middle and later stages of their career) that live and/or work in Halton Region [map]. We are four communities 20-30 minutes west of Toronto, Canada. 

We own or work in businesses of all sizes, startups, small business, SME, and multi-national corporations and do business anywhere around the globe.  We are committed to creating a vibrant hi-tech community in Halton Region.

We are all volunteers.

Our Brief History

Read about why and how we launched Silicon Halton.

Why Did Silicon Halton Launch?

Silicon Halton was co-founded by Chris Herbert and Rick Stomphorst in October 2009. They believed that there was a need for a grassroots community that connected people and companies in the hi tech industry together.  During the first year, Reema Duggal joined as a cofounder.  

They believed:

  • That a thriving hitech industry in Halton was critical to the economic success of the region and the quality of life of it’s citizens
  • That no one was as passionate as they were about technology and the Halton Region, eventually discovering many more who are equally passionate.
  • That building a community was needed, not building an association that depended on dues and government funding.
  • There existed hundreds of hi tech companies and entrepreneurs in the area, doing amazing things, but not enough people knew about it.
  • They knew that thousands of people are commuting to hi tech companies in Toronto or KW but secretly wishing they could work and live in Halton.

They dreamed:

  • That it would be cool if Halton Region was creating the next RIM, Facebook, Google and Cisco.
  • That people knew that the chances of having a successful hi tech company were high if they were in located in Halton.
  • That there was a great chance that at the local coffee shop you could bump in to a person in hi tech. That you could point to a young woman in that same shop and say “she started the next RIM” and both her and I are members of Silicon Halton...and she’s my client!
  • That high tech professionals were able to work, live and play in Halton region. Making it possible for them and their families to have a great quality of life and reduce the impacts on our environment by working and living close together.
  • That the next generation high tech products, professionals, leaders and companies all came from Halton....Silicon Halton that is.

Their initial short term goal was to build a strong and engaged network to help everyone realize and promote how important and vibrant the hi tech community is in our neighbourhood. They succeeded.

Even more History:

joincommunityChris Herbert, Rick Stomphorst, and Reema Duggal

Co-Founders, Silicon Halton

Silicon Halton is a grassroots high tech community focused on Technology, Community, and Growth